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Partnership To End Homelessness

AmeriCorps is a nationwide public-private partnership which has thousands of members serving across the county at any one time. These partnerships focus on a variety of impact areas such as education, environment, disaster services, veterans, healthy futures, etc. The Partnership to End Homelessness is part of that network and focuses specifically on homelessness and hunger.


The Servant Center’s Partnership to End Homelessness (PtEH) is going into its 16th year.  PtEH provides an energetic, dedicated group of diverse volunteers (called members) to nonprofits in Guilford county that are working to end homelessness and hunger.  Members provide essential services such as case management, employment and benefit assistance, housing search and placement, food/grocery distribution, and much more.  Members provide more than 16,000 hours of service each year in Guilford County.


Our 15+ members are from different backgrounds, are different ages, and come with different strengths, but have one shared goal — to make a positive difference in the lives of our community! Along with serving clients at their sites, members participate in a variety of community service projects to benefit the communities they serve. Members will also participate in ongoing personal development training on topics such as homelessness issues, race relations, and mental health issues.

AmeriCorps Pledge

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