The Servant Center 
Platoon Challenge

The Servant Center Platoon Challenge encourages individuals, organizations and business to recognize our homeless veterans and disabled. We challenge to you to make a difference, your financial donation to The Servant  Center will provide these forgotten members of our community support and services they rightfully deserve and need.  So like you, they can lead independent,  productive lives. It would be our honor to present you with this coin for your               commitment to our mission. Thank you.

Upon completion of the annual $1,000 commitment, members will receive this exclusive platoon coin to represent their service in their community. 

Will You Accept the Challenge Today?
 Here Is how $1,000 can help change a life: 
  • Your donation will provide services and support to assist disabled veterans experiencing homelessness living at The Servant House to find & secure permanent housing.
  • It allows our Rapid Re-Housing Program to help those experiencing homelessness to secure affordable and safe housing.
  • Your donation, will allow us to assist  un/under insured individuals with disabilities to file for benefits they need to cover their living expenses and medical needs.
How to meet the challenge?
  • Minimum of a $1,000 commitment (The donation can be paid in increments at the discretion of the donor.)

  •  Have your group/organization raise the funds together. For example: Ten people could contribute $100 each to total $1,000.

  • Visit our "Donate" page today to make your commitment!