The Servant Center 
Platoon Challenge

The goal of The Servant Center Platoon Challenge club is to encourage our  community members to get involved in making a difference in their own  backyard. Although the focus of our agency is to our hard-working veterans, our services have grown throughout the years to aid a variety of different populations in Guilford County. We work with  clients who suffer from mental and physical illnesses, and we are expanding to families. We want to enable the generosity of our community members who we know have a sincere passion for our mission. There are so many ways to support and through the Platoon Challenge, our staff members will be able to provide more assistance to the most vulnerable members of society.

Upon completion of the annual $1,000 commitment, members will receive this exclusive platoon coin to represent their service in their community. 

Will You Accept the Challenge Today?
 Here Is how $1,000 can help change a life: 
  • Transportation for 2 homeless veterans to medical and social security appointments for one year.

  • Providing rental deposits for 2-3 homeless individuals, allowing them to have  an affordable and safe  place to live.

  • Help 2 un– or under insured individuals file for SSI/SSDI benefits.

  • Providing valuable training to 30 AmeriCorps members to serve those in our community experiencing homelessness or hunger security.

How to meet the challenge?

(336) 275-8585

1417 Glenwood Ave, Greensboro, NC 27403, USA

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