Our mission is to empower the homeless and disabled, particularly veterans, to become independent, contributing members of our community through housing, healthcare, and restorative services.

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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

"My son and I were evicted from our home while escaping a cycle of abuse. I worked hard to keep our life normal while still working as a CNA and living in a shelter. Through the shelter we were connected with The Servant Center's Rapid Re-housing program. We are grateful to The Servant Center for allowing my son and I to once again have a place to call home."

- Tammy Smith

Former Rapid Re-housing Client 


"Some of the proudest  days of my life was serving in the United States Army. Some of the darkest days of my life was when I found myself in the hospital due to medical conditions after experiencing homelessness. Through the VA I was able to be connected to The Servant Center's transitional housing, Servant House. After a humbling year and a half with The Servant Center, they were able to get me housed. Today I continue to volunteer at The Servant Center. I hope to give back to them what they have given me. Thank you The Servant Center, thank you for giving me my life back."

- Richard Roane

Former Servant House Resident

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"I struggled for years with physical and emotional disabilities. Those disabilities included chronic pain syndrome, vertigo, COPD, and severe depression. I spent every day worrying about my health and future. My luck changed when I was connected to The Servant Center's Disability Assistance Program. The staff was able to walk me through the SSI/SSDI benefit application and I was approved, because of this I was able to find secure housing.  Thanks to The Servant Center I have a place to call my own, control of my medical conditions and for the first time in years I feel safe."

- Randal Smith

Former Disability Client 


"I struggled for years with substance abuse problems leading me to be in and out of broken homes and shelters. After being released from another shelter in High Point, NC. I decided I would start to care about my life. Through the VA, I was connected with The Servant Center. I spent my time there getting clean and bettering my life. The Servant Center was able to find safe and affordable housing for me. They believed in me and fought for me, the least I can do to show them I appreciate them, is succeed, and I will” 

- Wayne Birini 

Former Rapid Re-housing Client 

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The Servant Center’s Disability Specialists assist clients who are un- and under-insured to apply for SSI and/or SSDI benefits. We also provide specialized assistance through the SOAR (SSI/SSDI, Outreach, Access and Recovery) program to individuals experiencing homelessness.  Before we help our SOAR clients apply for benefits, we work with them, as well as their medical and social services providers, to establish needed medical and functional evidence to substantially increase their chance of approval.

The Servant Center provides a continuum of housing services to those experiencing homelessness.  We provide transitional (Servant House) and permanent supportive housing (Glenwood and Haworth Houses) to disabled veterans experiencing homelessness.  Our Fast Track Rapid Rehousing program couples housing stability services with temporary financial assistance to quickly house individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

The AmeriCorps Partnership to End Homelessness provides direct service to those experiencing homelessness, at-risk for homelessness and/or experiencing hunger insecurity. Approximately 30 AmeriCorps Members work in nonprofit agencies in Guilford and Forsyth Counties.  Members provide more than 24,000 hours of service in these communities each year.



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