Meet Mr Jones

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Mr. Jones entered the Servant House program in March of 2017 and left in April 2018 with VA disability and state disability income.  Mr. Jones was able to secure permanent housing with a HUD VASH voucher and prior to moving, he was able to pay off all his utilities, bills and legal fees once he received income. which will help him stay housed.  He received a donated vehicle which will help him get to and from his medical and mental health appointments. With income he is able to pay insurance and maintain the up keep on his donated vehicle. Mr. Jones was very grateful to the program at the Servant Center for helping him get his life back on track by giving him a hand up not a hand out.  It usually takes about a year for Servant House residents to secure income and housing, and in Mr. Jones’s case the program was on target. While each case is different and some may take longer than others, it is the goal of the Servant House staff to make this process go as quickly as possible at the same time being successful for the resident.


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